3A-MSOL Solar Panel Battery SS2011

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Hardocore techboi survival equipement to be matched with any of your Acronym bag.
Compact and autark, 3A-MSOL1 is a modular solar panel and accumulator. Affix the panel anywhere on the TEC SYS webbing of your 3A-TS bag. Connect the cable to the accumulator unit to charge-up whenever the panel is exposed to sunlight. Use the accumulator's USB output to charge the battery of your iPod, phone, or other mobile devices. Spatial Orbital Laser rangefinder not included.
Fabric: Mil-spec Tec Sys webbing
- Tec Sys Grid: rows: 2, channels: 8
- Made in Europe
Year : SS2011
Condition : Gently used, everything is working as long there is enough sun light. Comes with full kit.
Please note that the phone on the first picture is not included