is a Canadian outdoor clothing and equipment company known for its high-performance apparel and gear. Founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Arc’teryx has gained a reputation for producing innovative, functional, and technically advanced products for various outdoor activities, including climbing, skiing, hiking, and mountaineering.

      The brand takes its name from the Archaeopteryx, a prehistoric bird known for its unique transitional features between dinosaurs and modern birds. Just like the Archaeopteryx, Arc'teryx aims to push boundaries and blend elements of science and art to create cutting-edge products.

      One of Arc'teryx's notable achievements is its development of Gore-Tex® fabric technologies, which provide exceptional waterproofing, breathability, and weather resistance. They have also pioneered other proprietary technologies, such as their own waterproof and breathable fabric called Gore-Tex Pro ® and insulation technologies like Coreloft and Down Composite Mapping.

      Overall, Arc'teryx has established itself as a leading brand in the outdoor industry, renowned for its technical expertise, innovation, and commitment to creating products that allow individuals to explore and thrive in challenging outdoor environments.