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      is a Japanese fashion brand that fuses avant-garde aesthetics with streetwear influences. Founded by Jun Takahashi, the brand is known for its edgy designs, rebellious spirit, and thought-provoking concepts. Undercover's clothing often features dark and moody color palettes, bold graphics, and deconstructed silhouettes.

      The brand's collections often draw inspiration from diverse sources, including music, art, and subcultures. Undercover's designs challenge traditional notions of fashion, pushing boundaries and encouraging self-expression. From punk-inspired leather jackets to graphic T-shirts with cryptic messages, Undercover appeals to individuals who embrace individuality and unconventional style.

      Jun Takahashi's Undercover captures the essence of Japanese cool by blending rebellious rawness and exquisite high-concept elegance, resulting in a captivating vision defined by its contrasting elements. In 1990, Takahashi established the label while studying at Tokyo's Bunka Academy of Fashion, deviating from the traditional path expected of young Japanese designers. This audacity propelled his early punk-inspired creations, receiving guidance and support from Rei Kawak.