Is a Japanese outdoor and gear brand established in 2011 by two designers, Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, who wanted to enjoy fashion in the mountains and nature as well as in the city. It has a sense of fashion that stimulates sensibilities and is practical as outdoor wear. 

      Based on the enjoyment that they actually felt while walking in the mountains, the product uses durable and lightweight materials that protects the wearers from the elements, and features colours that harmonises with the mountains and gives a fresh impression in the city. Designed with comfortable cutting and practical details backed by outdoor field testing. 

      The two creators, who used to work together as designers at ISSEY MIYAKE desired to blend their creativity as the brand was born of their strong passion for making “fashion in the nature / mountains just as enjoyable”. 

      They have been pursuing to offer sophisticated items with the blend of high-fashion style that stimulates the consumers' sensibilities within the functionality and practicality of outdoor clothing.

      "The fun of playing in the mountains" has been a consistent philosophy since the establishment of And Wander, and has been active in various ways, including the production of collections for each season and the management of user-participating hiking clubs.